Thursday, April 3, 2014

About Me

I am a Filipina who moved to the US in 2007 to be with my palangga and start a family.

In my past life, I served the Philippine national government for 7 years - Congress (Commission on Appointments), Foreign Affairs (UNESCO) and Supreme Court (Program Management Office) - and was also involved in development work as an advocate for women's health and rights.

I was born to a lawyer-father who taught me to always give it my best shot and a loving mother who devoted her life to me and my younger brother.

I had a busy childhood - topped my grade school class, was involved in local politics, delivered campaign speeches at the town/barangay plazas, participated in almost all school activities. Managed to squeeze myself into my highschool's top 5. Loosened up in college, attended MA classes half-awake hahaha.

I am in my best element when i travel, experience new things, meet new people and when in the company of family and friends. I enjoy photography, surfing the net, online shopping, dancing, playing with kids, video games...PS3, yes!!!

I love the beach, the heat of the sun on my skin, feel of the warm sand under my bare feet, wind blowing my hair, waking up slow, watching the world go by in a hammock, breathtaking views, historical places, smell of earth after a heavy downpour, hot shower, wild laughter...

I am crazy about catsup, fried chicken, the green color, champorado on a rainy day, baby powder, my pet cat, weekend trips, photo-ops, air travel, sunrises and sunsets, a good read, tearjerker movies.

I am obsessive-compulsive, perfectionist, do-it-yourselfer, perennially picking up dusts and putting the whole house in order, has a keen eye for details, gifted with a photographic memory, can talk nonstop and easily dominate a conversation with friends...

am generous with my time and talent, willing to lend a hand, operates a hotline for family and friends in need of advice, outgoing, free-spirited, easily-bored, adventurous, always trying to reinvent myself and relentlessly in search of what i want.

I can play the guitar, ukelele, piano, organ, melodica. Attended ballet classes when i was 8, loves singing but singing doesn't love me. I can draw, sketch, copy an artwork, do photoshop, design a web page, decorate a house, make my own beads jewelry, cross stitch, ...hmmm, artistic, is that what you call it?

I also have my share of pains and struggles and interesting relationships, twice the "runaway bride" and just when i was about to apply for a scholarship abroad and give up my search for Mr. Right, a friend introduced me to Fil who became my husband.

Fast forward to 2016 and I am living under the California sun in the Bay Area basking in the warmth and comfort of family life. We are blessed with two wonderful kids, an 8-year old boy and a 2 year old them to pieces!  In between feedings and diaperings, school programs and homework and part-time jobs,  i cook my family's favorite dishes, bake my husband's favorite banana bread and lava cake, update our expense excel worksheet, blog, facebook, practice my html codes and google myself LOL!

This site features things (living and non-living) that make me happy: travels, life back home, immigration experience and life in a foreign country, family and friends, relationships, personal musings, sports, music, movies, books...anything!

If you ask me, am i always happy? Of course not! i have my off days too just like anybody else. Do i love? Definitely! Do i hate? Guilty! I love...i hate...i'm just human, you know. But one thing is sure: I love MORE than i hate. Yeah, I choose to love, to be happy, to smile, to laugh, to understand, to keep an open mind, to keep calm, to be objective, to sacrifice (sometimes)...and that, i am convinced, is the reason why i am happy with my life now and excited about my future.

W E L C O M E !

What my friends say about me

Thursday, November 29, 2012

up, up and away

This is the only one quick shot i took of the Golden Gate Bridge before we vanished into the sky.  It was the day before Thanksgiving and my heart was filled with excitement and anticipation of what awaited us at our destination: LONDON!
"East is East, and West is San Francisco." -- O. Henry

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Life is full of surprises! Just when i thought it would be another ordinary weekend, I got a call late Friday afternoon from my friend Lia asking me if i would like to watch Madonna's concert with her the following day? OMG! Madonna? Of course!

So Saturday afternoon i found myself having dinner at the Poor House Bistro in San Jose close to HP Pavilion with Lia's 4 other girl friends - Kathy, L, Greta & Macel - a nice bunch of girls in their early 30s whom i was meeting for the first time. By 7:30pm, we met with their other friend Plong and her husband at the Pavilion entrance then excitedly headed inside.  It was a party out there... a lot of animated ladies from all ages dressed up like Madonna depending on their favorite "Madonna era".

We found our seats which were not really that great as we were positioned on the upper level at the right side of the stage.  Though we were closer to the stage, we didn't have an overall view of the big screens and the amazing visuals and there was no element of surprise as we could see what's happening backstage.   $90 ++ ticket doesn't get you that much nowadays, huh?!  But no complaining from me as my ticket was free.. well not really free 'coz i treated Lia to dinner.  The point is, even if i have a thousand dollars it couldn't buy me a ticket at the last minute.

DJ Misha Skye opened the show around 8:45pm and played for what seemed like the longest one hour or so of my life.  Finally Madonna showed up at exactly 10:35pm (i expected this 'coz i read some concert reviews) and performed for 2 straight hours nonstop.  She was awesome! Really surprised me that at 54, she still got her stuff and performed like she's in her 20s!  She sings, she dances, she acts, she jumps, she did stunts... she didn't disappoint!  Some people got a little bit stressed out/disturbed by her intense gun-trotting dark/violent production numbers but there was no denying the artistry and talent.  She was funny and humble and bitchy all at the same time and had very good rapport with the audience.  I wasn't familiar with most of her new songs but despite that I couldn't take my eyes off her and so thrilled when she sang old faves.  I stood and danced a couple of times never mind that I was doing it alone (felt sorry for the girls and those seated behind me who were tired and sleepy because of the long wait).  Hey, it's Madonna!  It would be a waste to watch her concert and not dance to it!

That night (October 6) was also special because it marked the exact 30th year anniversary of the release of her first ever single "Everybody".  30 f**king years!  She is a legend, an icon... still the Queen of Pop.  I believe one should not pass up the chance to see what she's like performing live.  It's something not to be a missed... an experience of a lifetime.  Thanks to my BFF Lia for this awesome birthday gift!

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